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Discover the power of CBN products. CBN, or cannabinol, is a naturally occurring compound derived from cannabis that offers a range of soothing benefits. CBN is known for its potential to promote deep relaxation and induce a sense of calm, as well as enhancing sleep quality. Experience the gentle prowess of CBN and unlock a whole new realm of tranquility and serenity.

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CBN Products – Elevate Your Hemp Game

Welcome to the captivating world of CBN products, where wellness meets a clear head. If you’ve never heard of it before, we’re thrilled to introduce you to cannabinol (CBN), the rising star in the hemp universe.

While THC and CBD often steal the spotlight, CBN is the delightful underdog with potential therapeutic prowess. Join us on as we explore the fantastic realm of CBN products.

Unraveling CBN - The Hidden Gem of Cannabinoids

CBN, or cannabinol, may not be as famous as THC or CBD, but it's gaining traction in the hemp kingdom.

When THC is exposed to heat and oxygen over time, it transforms into CBN. It's like the cool metamorphosis of a hemp superhero! CBN offers a bag of potential benefits, including:

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Pain-relieving qualities
  • Sedative effects
  • Regulation or sleep and appetite

But don't worry, it won't get you high like its cousin THC... well, not exactly!

CBN - Non-Psychoactive Fun with THC's Secret Sauce?

Unlike THC, CBN won't give you a one-way ticket to La La Land. It's not psychoactive, but it plays well with others!

When combined with THC, CBN gives THC's psychoactive effects a little boost. Think of it as the Robin to THC's Batman, always there to back it up. So, while CBN keeps it chill, it can spice up THC's party just a tad!

The Mighty Power of CBN Products

We bet you're wondering what CBN can do for you, huh?

Brace yourself for a plethora of potential perks!

CBN boasts anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving powers, making it a contender for discomfort-crushing champion. It's like a soothing lullaby for your body.

But wait, there's more! CBN may also regulate appetite and sleep, the dream team combo for a peaceful night's slumber. And that's not all - it could even be an antioxidant and antibacterial champ.

The Strength of CBN Products

How strong are CBN products?

CBN's strength can vary depending on factors like the hemp strain and how it's processed. It's like a spicy salsa - some batches are mild, and some are fiery!

CBN tends to hang out with aged cannabis, where time works its magic to boost CBN levels. But don't worry, you can still find it in younger plants if you know where to look (like we do)!

Crafting CBN Products - Where Hemp Magic Happens

At Edobles, we're proud to bring you an array of CBN products that will leave you mesmerized! CBN gummies that tantalize your taste buds, CBN oils that pamper your senses, and CBN disposable vapes that whisk you away on a cloud of relaxation. It's like a hemp carnival of delights! We've got all your CBN cravings covered!

The Legality of CBN Products

Good news, hemp enthusiasts! CBN products are legal, thanks to the Farm Bill's legalization of hemp products in 2018. As long as the CBN product is derived from a hemp plant containing less than 0.3% THC, it's good to go!

But remember, state laws can vary, so check your local hemp laws to stay on the right side of the hemp police.

Safe and Sound – A Breakdown of CBN's Side Effects

CBN products are generally considered to be safe. No reported or recorded injuries, illnesses, or unfortunate results.

Still, just like with anything, there might be some side effects to watch out for. Drowsiness, dry mouth, and dizziness may occasionally join the party. But don't fret! Just remember to use CBN products responsibly and consult your healthcare provider if needed.

A Hemp Showdown - CBN vs. Other Cannabinoids

Now, let's bring in the ultimate show - a hemp showdown between CBN and its cannabinoid companions! Let's see how CBN compares to some of the hottest compounds in the cannabis scene!


CBN Products

Delta 8 Products

Delta 10 Products

CBD Products


Not psychoactive

50% as psychoactive as delta 9

25% as psychoactive as delta 9

Not psychoactive

Therapeutic effects

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Pain-relieving
  • Sedative
  • Appetite and sleep regulation
  • Appetite stimulant
  • Anti-anxiety
  • Pain relief
  • Energy
  • Focus
  • Creativity
  • Anti-anxiety
  • Anti-seizure
  • Neuroprotective

Legal status

Legal under Farm Bill

Legal under Farm Bill (varies by state)

Legal under Farm Bill (varies by state)

Legal under Farm Bill


Less common

Not too common


Widely available

CBN Products - The Conclusion

In conclusion, CBN products are the addition your wellness routine needs! With CBN's potential therapeutic benefits and non-psychoactive nature, it's like having a laid-back buddy by your side, ensuring you enjoy the hemp experience without any wild surprises.

But when paired up with THC, it’ll amplify its psychoactive effects and give you a buzz like no other! In other words, CBN is a jack of all trades, ready and able to get you where you wanna be, be it soothing relaxation or a little pep in your step.

But remember, while CBN products are safe and generally well-tolerated, it's essential to be mindful of your personal health and consult a healthcare professional if you have any concerns or questions.

The hemp world has a new hero in town, and it's time to let CBN take the stage. Say goodbye to dull routines and embrace the wonders of CBN's potential therapeutic benefits!

Please be responsible and use CBN products as directed on the label. If you experience any adverse reactions or side effects, discontinue use immediately and consult a healthcare professional.

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What is Hemp?

Hemp is cannabis with a Delta-9 THC concentration ≤ 0.3% by dry weight.

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Consumable hemp products are federally legal and permitted to ship over state lines.

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I have a very very high tolerance but lucid dreams help me sleep so good. I would recommend them 100%. If you have trouble sleeping. And in the morning there are no after effects at all. I will be...

Did exactly what it says it’s for. Would like something for the day.Happy buyer

Fought breast cancer last year and am now trying to get back to my routine but sleep has been impossible. I was skeptical but these really do the job. Feeling grateful

Got a nice chill head high for a couple hours and then slept like a baby. Lovely! Will try again for sure.

These really help me with sleep. Some of them have "cannabinoid" and one of them doesn't. One of the cannabisnoid ones doesn't really make me feel anything but the other one makes me a little loopy...

Sooo good! I have a really hard time falling and staying asleep, but ever since I added these to my nightly routine, I wake up super well rested :)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Explore answers to our most commonly asked questions about CBD, our products, and more.

What is CBN?

CBN, or cannabidiol, is a cannabinoid that occurs naturally in the cannabis plant. It is one of the many compounds found in cannabis, along with THC and CBD. CBN is formed when THC ages or is exposed to oxygen and light. Unlike THC, CBN is not known for producing psychoactive effects and is generally considered non-intoxicating.

What are CBN gummies?

CBN gummies are edible products infused with CBN (cannabinol), which is a cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. These gummies are typically made by combining CBN extract with other ingredients to create a tasty and convenient way to consume CBN.

What does CBN do?

CBN interacts with the body's endocannabinoid system, which plays a role in regulating various physiological processes. While research on CBN is still limited, it is believed to have potential sedative and relaxing effects. Some studies suggest that CBN may have antibacterial and pain-relieving properties.

What are CBN gummies good for?

CBN gummies are believed to have several potential benefits. CBN is often associated with promoting relaxation and aiding in sleep. Many people use CBN gummies to help improve their sleep quality and manage insomnia. Additionally, CBN may offer pain-relieving effects. Some individuals also use CBN gummies to alleviate stress.

What is CBN good for?

CBN is currently being explored for its potential benefits and therapeutic applications. It is often associated with promoting relaxation and aiding in sleep. Some individuals use CBN for its potential analgesic (pain-relieving) properties or as a natural sleep aid. 

What does CBN do in gummies?

CBN interacts with the body's endocannabinoid system (ECS), which plays a crucial role in regulating various physiological processes. When consumed in gummies, CBN binds to cannabinoid receptors in the ECS, potentially influencing sleep patterns, pain perception, and mood. However, it's important to note that the effects of CBN can vary from person to person, and further research is needed to fully understand its mechanisms of action.