Walk the Line Gummies - CBD Isolate Blend

Walk the Line Gummies - CBD

Walk the Line Gummies include 30 gummies for deep, legitimate balance and relaxation. With Walk the Line, you’ll find a calming and balancing mood gummy that’ll leave you ready to tackle it all. With a thoughtful dose of pure CBD Isolate in a delicious Lime flavor, these gummies are your best friend when it comes to keeping your head leveled.

Each gummy contains:

  • 100mg of CBD Isolate: Pure, unbridled CBD, CBD Isolate is achieved by removing any traces of other terpenes, cannabinoids, and other compounds are removed from CBD extract. With 100mg of this CBD type, you don’t run the risk of interacting with any other element existent in hemp, meaning all you get is the full effects of CBD and nothing but CBD, such as stress relief, calmness, and relaxation.

The most mentally balancing member of our Balance line, these harmonious gummies will give you all the calm you need to manage a hectic day, thanks to CBD Isolate’s effects of reducing stress and leaving you with a clear head. And in a convenient 2-gummy pouch, you can bring Walk the Line with you, no matter where you're walking! Like all our products, our Walk the Line Gummies are third-party lab tested for safety and purity. So just take a bite or two and witness these gummies be the perfect sidekick to help you tackle anything the day may bring.

  • Feelings: Uplifted, Calm, Balanced, Worry-Free
  • Perfect For: Evening Unwinding, Doing Chores, Work, Running Errands, Walk, Meditating

Total Strength
Strength Per gummy
Total Units
30 gummies
Total CBD Isolate
CBD Isolate Per gummy

Tapioca Syrup, Corn Syrup, Water, Pectin, Citric Acid Natural Flavors, Fruit and Vegetable Extract (Color), Hemp Derived CBD Isolate.

Walk The Line - 1112095

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Great Stuff!!!!!
Well worth the price, I have ordered from Edobles before and have always been satisfied with your product!!

Walk the Line Gummies - CBD

An essential part of my daily routine. They help me maintain balance in all aspects of life. If you’re a person whose mood gets ruined for the rest of the day in an instant, you NEED these.

Walk the Line Gummies - CBD

These gummies are a game-changer for finding inner balance. Walk the Line keeps me grounded and focused throughout the day. Only been three weeks and I'm already truly impressed with the results!

Walk the Line Gummies - CBD

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol, which is a naturally occurring compound found in the cannabis plant. It is one of the many cannabinoids present in cannabis, alongside THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol). Unlike THC, CBD is not psychoactive, meaning it does not produce a "high" or intoxicating effect. CBD has gained popularity for its potential therapeutic properties.

What is CBD isolate?

CBD isolate is a pure, crystalline form of cannabidiol (CBD) that has been extracted from the cannabis plant and refined to remove all other cannabinoids, terpenes, and plant compounds. It is CBD in its isolated form, with no detectable amounts of THC or other cannabinoids present.

What does CBD do?

CBD interacts with the body's endocannabinoid system, which plays a role in regulating various physiological processes, including pain sensation, mood, appetite, sleep, and immune function. Research suggests that CBD may have potential therapeutic effects, such as reducing pain, alleviating stress, promoting relaxation, and improving sleep quality.

How to use CBD isolate?

CBD isolate gummies can be incredibly beneficial, especially for those looking to reap the benefits of THC while simultaneously staying away from other cannabinoid compounds. The dosage of CBD isolate may vary depending on factors such as body weight, desired effects, and individual tolerance. It's recommended to start with a low dose and gradually increase as needed, while monitoring the effects.

How long does CBD stay in your system?

CBD typically has a relatively short half-life, which means it is eliminated from the body relatively quickly compared to other cannabinoids. In general, CBD may stay in your system for a few days up to a week. However, it's important to note that CBD is unlikely to cause a positive result on a drug test, as standard drug tests typically look for THC and its metabolites, not CBD.

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