Sleep Edibles - Chewable Chill Pills For Rejuvenating Slumber


Sleep Edibles are heavenly treats designed to lull you into a peaceful slumber. Indulge in relaxation and bid farewell to restless nights as you savor the soothing flavors of tranquility. Drift into dreamland and ease your mind, melt away tension, and follow the light towards a blissful sleep. Say goodbye to counting sheep and hello to rejuvenating nights and refreshed mornings— yes, even in spite of your noisy neighbors.
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The melatonin and other ingredients kick in faster than a I thought a nice relaxing calming sleep
I love these help me go to sleep and stay asleep. Take them every night and plan to continue to use this product.
These really worked better than I expected. I slept like a baby and it definitely helped me to dream more than usual. I was also impressed because me and my friend were joking they would be melted since it was really hot the days they were being delivered but you guys put an ice pack in to help with that. They were also really tasty.

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