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Cannabinoid Blends

Say hello to your perfect blend! Alone, cannabinoids are fun, effective, and beneficial. But together, they create something bigger than the sum of its parts. When you combine different cannabinoids, you get extra benefits, such as the entourage effect, which happens when multiple cannabis compounds interact to enhance each other's effects. Cannabinoid Blends will enhance your mood in new and exciting ways!

Cannabinoid Blends

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I'm focused when I take these. Provide a very pleasant feeling without the lethargy some strains can make you feel. Let's you hold on to an idea and turn it around in your head without loosing the...

I have insomnia from evening/night shift work Now retired and can’t sleep at night These gummies are a lifesaver for me I take at least one hour before I want to feel sleepy and I sleep 8-9 hours...

Did exactly what it says it’s for. Would like something for the day.Happy buyer

Couched Locked is what these do!! Eat one and get ready, does what I wanted them to do, lock me on the couch. Got the buzz that I've been searching for.

Pleasant relaxing quick acting will buy again. Highly reccomend. Get some sit down and enjoy the ride

Very good. Helps me sleep and stay asleep. I always take one after work to wind down. And it puts me out!